Switchgrass Delta (USA)

Switchgrass Delta is a youth bluegrass band from Waitsburg, Washington. The members are Chris Philbrook, Emma Philbrook, Robert Walsh, Kaleb Kuykendall.

Ages 21 to 16.  Kaleb is home schooled, Robert & Chris are graduates of Waitsburg High School, and Emma will be a senior at Whitman College this fall.  The band members have various school interests including: local theater, Knowledge Bowl, skiing, basketball, football, writing and gardening ….they are a busy bunch!

Switchgrass Delta is a part of The Touchet Valley Acoustic Music Project/Rural Youth Enrichment Services, a 501c(3) non-profit located in Waitsburg, WA.  TVAMP is a free program that encourages kids to play acoustic music, especially bluegrass. As quickly as youth musicians can play together as a group, they are encouraged to form a band and play together on stage.  The oldest musicians in this group started playing on stage in 2010, and the Switchgrass Delta band has gone through several changes in name & membership, over the years.  They are quite popular in the Walla Walla & Touchet Valley!

Switchgrass Delta was scheduled to travel, as the cultural exchange group, representing the Walla Walla Sister City Exchange Program, to Sasayama, Japan in October 2017, unfortunately a football accident sidelined the lead singer/guitar player and the group stayed home. They are currently working on plans for another musical-trip to Ireland in 2019.

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