Saturday, June 8th, 2019

This year we are going back to the home of bluegrass and present three American acts.

To open the evening, we are proud welcome vibrent young band – SwitchGrass Delta

Switchgrass Delta is a youth bluegrass band from Waitsburg, Washington.  The members are Chris Philbrook, Emma Philbrook, Robert Walsh, Kaleb Kuykendall, ages 21 to 16.  Kaleb is home schooled, Robert & Chris are graduates of Waitsburg High School, and Emma will be a senior at Whitman College this fall.  The band members have various school interests including: local theater, Knowledge Bowl, skiing, basketball, football, writing and gardening ….they are a busy bunch!
Switchgrass Delta is a part of The Touchet Valley Acoustic Music Project/Rural Youth Enrichment Services, located in Waitsburg, WA.  TVAMP is a free program that encourages kids to play acoustic music, especially bluegrass.  As quickly as youth musicians can play together as a group, they are encouraged to form a band and play together on stage.  The oldest musicians in this group started playing on stage in 2010, and the Switchgrass Delta band has gone through several changes in name & membership, over the years.  They are quite popular in the Walla Walla & Touchet Valley!

The second band on the evening is California based Blue Summit.

California has a rich and unique bluegrass tradition and we are delighted to give it a voice on our main stage.

Blue Summit is a genre fluid bluegrass band that first formed in 2016. They are a remarkable group of young musicians who have grown up performing in the California bluegrass community. One of their latest achievements includes a CBA showcase at the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) event held in North Carolina. They have been gaining traction with their unique sound, sharing their music all over the west coast.

Headlining the night are the fantastic McKay & Leigh.

Midwestern Brennen Leigh and Texas born Noel McKay are now residing in Nashville and are no strangers to Ireland.

Back on two very successful Irish tours in the past year and a half, we invited them to play our festival for the first time.

This special duo are undoubtedly  masters of both songwriting and guitar picking. Described by Guy Clark as “great songwriters”, they bring a unique combination  of Country, Folk and Bluegrass music evoking the open spaces and small towns of the heart of America.

On the night, McKay and Leigh will be joined by number of special guests.

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