Find Your Beat' Kids Concert with Kids Classics

Kids’ Classics is a not-for-profit organisation that provides high quality music making opportunities in educational, healthcare and community settings.

As part of our day to day operations, we:

  • deliver fun, educational, interactive and accessible music workshops for schools and children & families in tailored workshops including our series of 'Meet the Composer' workshops based on the lives of 12 classical music composers
  • design, manage and deliver professional music projects and programmes in Healthcare and Community Settings around Ireland (Music & Healthcare)
  • facilitate training courses and mentoring opportunities for musicians and healthcare staff on an adapted and tailored sensitive approach to participant-centered music interventions and interactions in healthcare settings, as pioneered and developed by Musique et Santé, Europe’s leading provider of “Music and Health” training (Training Notes)

Kids’ Classics works with professional musicians (Meet the Team) from different musical backgrounds who all have appropriate clearances and training to provide new opportunities for music-making for communities.

Kids’ Classics works in collaboration with national cultural institutions, universities, university nursing schools and local arts offices to develop and build partnerships in the areas of arts & health, and music education at county, regional, national and international level.

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